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Nov. 14 Designing Block Weaves using Profile Drafts
Bring graph paper and a pencil

Dec. 12 Bound Weave on Rosepath Threading


Jan. 9 Julie Stowers on Spinning Atypical Materials into Creative Yarns
Bring random leftover yarns or fibers and spinning wheels

Feb. 13 Towel Exchange
Bring one towel you have designed and woven in a Block Weave. Towels are to be woven in 8/2, 10/2, or 16/2 cotton, linen or cottolin and finished at appro. 18'' x 29". Bring your towel in a brown paper bag without your name on it. Towels will be exchanged so no one goes home with their own towel. Each weaver will talk about their Block Design and weave structure.

March 13 Shari Janssen willl show us how to cut a t-shirt to be used as weft in weaving
Bring a clean t-shirt with no seams on the body and sharp scissors suitable for cutting fabric. Shari will weave with t-shirts on her rigid heddle loom.

March 27 SPIN DAY
Get together for another day of spinning. Location to be determined. Time 9:30 - 2:30. Bring sack lunch and beverage.

April 10 Susan Genz will discuss Lockerhooking using wool roving
Guild Garage Sale
Bring items from your stash or books and equipment you never use. Mark prices on your items. Bring cash to buy and make change.

May 8 Garlyn Saupe will present Dreadful Yarns
Bring your own Dreadful Yarns for discussion and possible exchange. Garlyn will describe a summer project challenge using Dreadful Yarns

June 12 Spring picnic hosted by MaryPaul Even
5706 Walnut Hill Ave., Des Moines.
Lunch is at 12:00 Noon. Bring a dish to share. MaryPaul will have drinks, dishes and cutlery. Bring program ideas for next year. Summer plans and Iowa State Fair will be discussed.

That's all for this season. Please check back in August for our new programs starting in September. And/Or email info@desmoinesweaversguild.org to learn of events that come up during the summer.

Join us, too, at events listed in the right-hand box.


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Previous Programs


Tuesday, Oct 17 SPIN DAY at Douglas Ave. Presbyterian Church
Guild will have the room from 9:30 to 2:30 for a day of spinning. All skill levels are welcome. Bring a sack lunch/beverage.

Oct. 10 Road Trip to Fiber Art Shoppe
5 Benton Ave. E, Albia, IA, www.fiberartshoppe.com
First we will shop for yarns, patterns, equipment. Then we will break for lunch down the street at the local bar and grill. After lunch Sherry Duey will teach us wet felting. Car pool from church.

Sept 12 Show & Tell of Summer Fiber Work
plus Iowa State Fair entries and samples from Dye Day. There will be reports on Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, and any other workshops or fiber shops visited on your travels. We will discuss upcoming towel exchange. Please remember to bring a project to display in Oct. exhibit at Grinnell Library.

Dye Day, July 15
At Sue Crawford's
9 am to 2ish pm , pot luck or bring your own, she'll have lemonade & tea and table service

June 13 Spring Picnic
hosted by Mary Paul Even, 5706 Walnut Hill Ave., Des Moines. We will meet at 12:00 noon. Bring a dish to pass. Mary Paul will have drinks, dishes and cutlery. Plans for summer events and Iowa State Fair will be discussed. Bring your ideas for Program topics for next year.

May 9 Warping Accessories & Tools and Techniques for Using Them
Sue Lustig will report on Convergence class.

April 11 Lets Try Drop Spindle Spinning or Card making workshop
Bring your spindles and carders. We will share equipment and all go home with a better awareness of this technique. Worsted and woolen spinning will be discussed. Also final plans for Kate Larson workshop and Iowa Federation meeting. Also: bring fabric scraps [at least 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches] to include in cards to sell at Federation.

March 28 SPIN DAY at Douglas Ave. Presbyterian Church [DMPC]
9:30 am to 2:00 pm.  Get together for another day of spinning.

March 14 Inkle Loom Weaving
Instruction on how to warp and weave on an Inkle loom. Willy Offerman will show how to make the heddle loops. Bring your Inkle loom to warp in you favorite design.

Feb. 14 Towel Exchange
Bring one towel you have designed and woven in the colors and structure of your choice. Towels are to be woven in 8/2, 10/2 or 16/2 cotton and finished at approx. 18" x 29". Towels will be exchanged in some fair manner so that no ome goes home with their own towel.

Jan. 10 Designing with Novelty Yarns - sett, tension, tricks
Cindy Griese, Willie Offerman, Sue Lustig


Dec.13 Weaving Errors - How to Fix Them and How to Avoid Them
Cindy Griese.
Garage Sale bring your treasures priced to sell.

Nov. 8 Road trip to Ames [Meet at the Church at 9 am to carpool.]
Textile and Clothing Museum at ISU. Visit to Rosetree Fiber Shop. Lunch out. Carpool from DMPC.

Tuesday, Oct. 18 SPIN DAY at Douglas Ave. Presbyterian Church [DMPC]
Guild will have the room from 9:30 to 2:00 for a day of spinning. All skill levels are welcome. Bring a sack lunch/beverage.

Oct. 11 Show & Tell of Handwoven Garments
This can be a recently completed project or one of your 'historic' woven garments that you no longer wear. Accessories can be included, i.e., scarves, bags, hats etc.
Plans for a Towel Exchange will be discussed. Also we will plan an Inkle Weaving meeting coming in March.

Sept. 13 Show & Tell of Summer Fiber Work
plus Iowa State Fair entries and samples from Dye Day. There will be reports on craft cruises, HGA Convergence, Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival, and any other workshops or fiber shops visited on our travels. Please remember to bring a project to display in th October exhibit at Pella Library.

Special Event: Dye Day at the Dome
August 27, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Contact info@desmoinesweaversguild.org
if planning to come.

June 14 Spring Luncheon
Hosted by Mary Paul Even.
We will meet at Noon. Bring a dish to pass. Mary Paul will have drinks, dishes and cutlery. Plans for summer events and Iowa State Fair will be announced. Bring your ideas for program topics for next year.

May 10th Rebecca Abarr will show her baskets and tell how they are made. She will show natural materials that she uses to weave the baskets.

April 12 Salisbury House Fabrics Tour
Salisbury House staff will show and discuss tapestries and navajo rugs in their collection. Charge is $20 per person. Guild will pay $10 and member will be asked to pay $10. We can come back to the church for a short meeting and Spinning. Note: No Carpool! Salisberry House is at 4025 Tonawanda Dr, Des Moines, IA 50312

March 8 Tour C&M Fiber Mill discussion on weaving. Note: Meet at 9 AM to carpool!

Feb. 9 Recognizing Weave Structures using Sample Books from our Library. Bring a magnifying glass if you have one. Presenter: Cindy Griese

Jan. 12 Shake UP Your Memory -- The Importance of Record Keeping. We will also learn to calculate cost of a project. How much yarn is left on the cone? How to calculate yarn amounts needed for Stripes. Presenter, Willie Offerman.

for more see ...

Prior Years Meetings & Programs

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Jan. 13: Opportunities for Distance Learning
Susan Warner will show ways to learn weaving/spinning techniques without traveling to a workshop.

Feb. 10: Weave-it-Weaving

March 10: Color Blending using Drum Carder or Blending Board
Led by Cindy Griese. Bring hand carders, drum carders, or blending boards if you have them. Spinners bring wheels to spin the blended fibers into a variety of colored yarns.

April 14: Change:Navaho Weaving Workshop
Diane Hickman
Advanced prep required. See Attached

May 12: Weaving a Twill Gamp
Sharon Lewis: Weave a multitude of patterns on one warp to be used as a learning tool.

June 9: Spring Luncheon
Hosted by Mary Paul Even.
We will meet at Noon. Bring a dish to pass. Mary Paul will have drinks, dishes and cutlery. Plans for summer events and Iowa State Fair will be announced. Bring your ideas for program topics for next year.

July 18: Dye Day Saturday
Hosted by Jane Swanson
Bring dye stuffs & [lunch dish] to share.
Email: info@desmoinesweaversguild.org to share planning.

Sept. 8 Show & Tell of Your Summer Projects -- also show Iowa State Fair entries ad samples from Dye Day. There will be reports on Midwest Weavers Conference and Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival. We will collect projects for the October Guild Exibit to be held at the Norwalk Public Library.

Oct. 13 WORK DAYWarping Table Looms --We will warp looms for Sample Workshop to be held in Nov. Learn either warping back-to-front or front-to-back. This may be a a longer meeting. Bring sack lunch if you want. Spinners will have a spin day if they aren't warping a loom.

[Tuesday] Oct. 20 SPIN DAY at Douglas Ave. Presbyterian Church We will have the room from 9:30 to 2:30 for a day of spinning. All skill levels are welcome. Bring a sack lunch or pick up a lunch nearby.

Nov. 10 Sample Weaving Workshop -- Table looms will be warped and ready to weave samples. This is a round-robin so be prepared to stay into the afteroon. Bring a sack lunch. Spinners bring wheels to use if there is a wait to weave on the loom you want. Later woven warps will be cut appart and notebooks will be made up with the draft sheet and your woven sample. This is a great learning opportunity for new weavers and a good refresher for others. There will be helpers to aswer questions. Bring scissors and stick shuttles.

Dec. 8 Organizing and Utilizing Your Stash --facilitated by Willie Offerman. Once again we will have a Guild garage sale -- bring unwanted yarns, books, fibers, equipment marked for sale. Bring cash to buy and sell treasures.


Jan. 14: Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics:
Marianne Sobiech. Bring items you have woven and share sewing tips.

Feb. 11:Show-n-Tell of Weaving Projects from Bag Exchange

March 11: Weaving Tromp as Writ
Bring overshot items for show and tell.

April 8: Kathy Barth will be guest speaker. She will share group project ideas from the Little Sioux Weavers and Spinners Guild and tell how their Guild grew from 6 to 25 members.

May 13: Embellishment - It's a Stitch
Jane Adams will teach us 3 stiches that can be used to embellish our woven projects

July 26: Dye Day Saturday
Hosted by Karen Seuferer
Bring dye stuffs & [lunch dish] to share.
Email: info@desmoinesweaversguild.org to share planning.

June 10: Spring Lunchion
Hosted by MaryPaul Even, at 12 Noon.
Bring a dish to pass. Planns for summer events & IA State Fair will be announced. Bring ideas for program topics for next year.

Weave a wool strip, 6-12 inches wide, 80 inches long, finished, in any pattern chosen by the weaver. Your piece should be hemstitched and washed.

Sept. 9: Convergence -
Mary Early will report on her adventures at HGA Convergence, held in Providence, Rhode Island..
Bring show-n-tell and summer Iowa State Fair entries. Also, Bring items for our October exhibit.

Oct. 14: Weaving Overshot in Whig Rose Pattern .
We will learn how to setup & weave circles. Willie Offerman will warp a table loom for members to take home to weave their own sample.

Nov. 11: Navajo Weaving: Speaker, Diane Hickman
After Lunch, Assembly of Blanket[s]

Bring your Blanket Strips! Also**Bring your Navajo Weavings to show**

Dec. 9: Embellishment -- It's a Stitch!
Jane Adams will teach us 3 stitches that can be used to embellish our woven projects.
Guild Garage Sale
Members to bring extra yarns, books, and equipment, all priced to sell.


Jan.8: Weaving Questions Answered
Group discussion, Sue Lustig moderator.
Also: Garage Sale, bring yarns, equipment etc., priced to sell. Bring cash for purchases.

Feb. 12: Bring your woven item/s to be donated to WARP for their auction
Include pattern source, yarns used and other details of your project. Also covering questions about supplemental warp [Karen Seuferer]

March 12: Report on Sharon Aldeman workshop on woven dots
Garlyn Saupe.
Also, Laura Bryant's DVD, "A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color" [DVD post-poned]

April 9: Viking Knitting [aka Trichinopoly Chainwork]
Bob Sobiech will demonstrate a technique to create knitted wire chain-work (lacy or dense) typically used for jewelry. Bob will describe the process, provide some samples, and provide hands-on experience. All supplies will be provided.

May 14: No Meeting: Road Trip Note, Change from Book
to tour Fairbault Woolen Mill in Fairbault, MN

June 11: Noon Potluck
Hosted by Mary Paul Even.
Bring a dish to share. We will plan summer events and programs for next year.

July 13: Dye Day Saturday
Hosted by Jane Swanson.
Bring dye stuffs & [lunch dish] to share.
Email: info@desmoinesweaversguild.org to share planning.

Sept. 10: Getting to Know You -
Introduce yourself and state your passion (other than fiber)
Bring show-n-tell and summer Iowa State Fair entries. We'll continue planning for Iowa Federation Meeting. Instructions for Feb. Weaving project to be announced.

Oct. 8: Warping the Loom.
Group discussion, bring your unique warping tools. Topics include: Transfer of the cross, handling multiple warp yarns in one dent, benefits of front-to-back vs. back-to-front warping. Last minute plans for Iowa Federation Meeting.

Nov. 12: Block Weaves
An overview of Robyn Spady's class at Sievers Fiber School. Cindy Griese and Sue Lustig.

Dec. 10:Guild Garage Sale
Members to bring extra yarns, books, and equipment, all priced to sell.
Time to bring hats & mittens for the homeless. Handmade or purchased. Any size will be appreciated.
Weaving Project Bag Yarn Exchange:
Sealed brown bag containing yarns to exchange with another weaver who will design & produce something wonderful. Weaver may add one yarn from their shelf plus one neutral. No limit on amounts.


Jan 10: Share your Favorite Book:

Feb 14: Bread Cloths
Bring your cloths and patterns to exchange and discuss
22x22 on the loom

March 13: Natural Dyed Easter Eggs
Bring hard-boiled eggs and dye stuff: onion skins, beet juice, walnuts, coffee grounds, etc. Bring gloves and pans.

April 10: Tam woven with a paper pattern
Bring sport or worsted weight yarn. Pattern and directions will be there. Bring darning needle.

May 8: Slentre Braid for trim. Karen
Bring a clamp for the table

June 12: Picnic at Noon
Mary Paul Evens.

Sept. 11: Convergence 2012 Report
Mary Earley
Also, Show & Tell: bring your summer projects, a woven item, special yarn, or "find" from your collection & discuss briefly.
Discuss Feb. weaving project for WARP.

Oct. 9: Silk scarf dyeing.
Jan Friedman, Iowa City fiber artist
Hands-on program with materials fee. Bring rubber gloves, apron, plastic garbage bag, cardboard. Wear old clothes.

Nov. 13: Dyed scarf show & tell
Bring your scarf from Oct. meeting. Garlyn, Pegi, & Joyce will show ways to knot or drape for a great fashion look. Possible Midwest Weavers Conference Guild Display of Dyed Scarves will be discussed.

.Dec. 11: Adventures in Norway
Cindy Griese
Plus: Bring Questions to be answered at January meeting. We'll trade questions & research answers for January.


January 11: CANCELLED [Snow]
Bring gadgets and tools used in weaving -- Next Time
We will all share our tricks

February 8: Swatch Swap --
Bring samples and work sheets. Please sew samples and cut. We will make notebooksto take home.
Bring gadgets and tools used in weaving
We will all share our tricks

March 8: Dish Towels
Cindy and Sue Lustig sharing a class they took at Seivers.

April 12: Rita Hagenberg will speak on Swedish Linens

May 10: Mary Early will share "Santa Fe Tour"
and talk about Convergence

June 14: Picnic at Mary Paul Evens
12:00 Bring a dish to share
5706 Walnut Hill
Des Moines

Dye Day at Mary Pauls!!! July 23rd. Bring pans. Heat source if you have it, Natural dyes.    And a dish to pass for lunch.

Sept 13: Bring what you entered in the Fair
Talk about the Bread Cloths in Feb. Hand out 10/2 cotton if you ordered it.

Oct 11: Overshot Variations
Vicky Tardy.

Nov 8: Midwest Convention Reports

Dec 13: Tatting with Ester Miller
Also: Garage Sale. Please price & put your initials on your items.


Jan 12: Garage Sale [note change from book!]
Clean your basement. Bring with a price in mind.

Feb Mtg Change: Meeting postponed to Feb 16: Bring what you made from the Shoe Box Challenge.
Could bring treadelings.

March 9: Felted Slippers
Woven cloth that has been felted
Jane Adams

April 10: We host Iowa Weavers Federation Meeting at Plymouth Congregational Church
Carol Rhoads is our speaker.

April 13: Meeting Change:
Slides from WARP
"Weave a Real Peace"

May 11: Tartan Plaids
Sue Crawford

June 8: Pot Luck Picnic at Mary Paul Even's
Noon: Bring a dish to share
5706 Walnut Hill
Des Moines

September 14: Other weaves on the "Weave It"
Mary Earley
Talk about the Swatch Swap in February

October 12: Intro to our newly organized Library

November 9: Desinging Swival Boarders on 8 shaft pointed twill
Jane Swanson

December 14: InHouse Garage Sale, plus DVD on Double Weave


Jan 13:  Hands On – make a plaited
    twill necklace
for name tag for
   Midwest Weavers Conference
   where DM Weavers will host
    hospitality room. NOTE: Bring a clipboard if you can.

Feb 10:  Share your Guild project &
Member’s Garage sale
    a great opportunity to clean out
    your closets.   Price items you
   wish to sale.
Share Project for Phase II.

March 10:  how corn yarn is made and its  properties.
  Diane Fleshin will present.  Lots of fiber to feel
   and even to buy!

April 14:  TOPIC CHANGE! Children's Books
   Bring spinning/weaving/fiber related books for children, fiction or not

May 12:  How to make “green”
   environmentally-friendly bags

   Described by Jane Adams

June 9:  Picnic at Noon
    at MaryPaul Even’s home at
    5706 WalnutHill in DM.
   Bring a dish to share

Sept 8 : Midwest Federation Conference report--

  • What classes did you take? Samples/Pictures/Stories
  • Bring Shoe Box with things from your house for someone else to weave into something wonderful for the Feb meeting - a challenge

Oct 13: How color behaves!

  • Susan Warner -- speaking
    (will be handing out threadings for Nov.)

Nov 10-14 Weaving Workshop
Threaded looms will be brought and we all take turns weaving samples.

  • 9:30 -- 4:00 on the 10th (Tuesday) Bring a bag lunch.
  • 9:00 -- noon on Saturday

Dec 8: Knitting or weaving unspun roving

  • Taught by Sue Lustig and Mary Early
  • Bring Hats & Mittens for Service Project


Jan 8 – Lacy  scarf
With Vicky Konrady from the Quilt Block. Bring your novelty yarn & scissors. Use your left overs in your favorite colors. You will bring it home & finish it on your sewing machine.

Feb 12-Share your Guild Project.
What ideas & inspiration did you get from the picture you received in Sept?
PLUS Twine rug [Cancelled again. Snow]
by Karen Seuferer.

March 11- woven Shiboi.
Lecture & Discussion, Mary Early presenting.
Do Not Bring Dressed Loom.. We will be weaving 10 x 12 10/2 cotton at home for the April Meeting.

April 8 – Finalize the Shibori.
We will be pulling our weaving off and dyeing.
PLUS Twine rug [3rd Try]
by Karen Seuferer.

May 13 – 8 harness  Plaited Twill
Presented by Jane Swanson

June 10-Picnic 6:00pm
at Mary Paul’s home

July 12-Dye Event 9:30 am - 3:00pm
at Mary Paul’s home
5706 Walnut Hill.
Bring yarn or fiber to dye
Please bring a dish to share for lunch.

Sept. 9:  Show & Tell – bring your
summer projects, state fair entries.
We will discuss guild project
(Phase II) for Midwest Weavers
Conference Guild Booth

Oct. 11:  IA State Federation Meeting

Oct. 14:  Discussion on direction of
   our guild:
direction, projects, charity
    events, shows. Etc.

Oct. 18:  Road trip to C&M Acres
    in Maxwell to learn & observe
   alpaca farm. CANCELLED
Call Cindy: 223-5408

Nov. 11:  Rep Weave by Karen
    by Karen Seuferer & Vikki Morain     

Dec. 9:  Meeting Cancelled. Member’s Garage sale-Postponed,
    a great opportunity to clean out
    your closets.   Price items you
   wish to sale. Remember your hats/etc. for give-away!


Jan 9-Rope Basket
- Ginny Stewart
Please bring 2 balls of Sugar & Cream, tapestry needle (blunt end). Ginny will bring rope for us to purchase to make our bowls.

Feb 13-Project=Napkins 12”x12”
Any color one warp, as many patterns as you want . cotton  Multiple  projects one warp.

March 13-color, shading and depth in her tapestry.
- Dana Schaffer

April 10- Read a pattern
by Mary Foulkes

May 8- Rug hooking, designing, color.
-Sharon Townsend

June 12-Picnic 6:00pm
at Mary Paul’s home

Dye Day
August 4 from 9:30 am to 3 pm

at Mary Paul’s home

Sept 11-Major Show & Tell-
Bring what you have entered in the fair or what you have been working on.

Oct 9-  Watkins Mill Road Trip
Leave the church at 8:00 a.m. to car pool. We will see a wool spinning mill just the way it was in 1900.

Nov 12-Rug Hooking
Taught by Karen Guffy. Bring bag lunch and stay till 1:30 p.m. Bring sharp pointed scissors, we will be hooking a sheep & background. Kit will be $40.00.

Dec 11-Twine rug
by Karen Seuferer.

Dec 13-Spinning
At Mary Paul's
9:30am - 2 pm


Jan. 10: Satin Weave Structure
Speaker: Mary Earley

Feb. 14: Project due
Bring what you have made from the dyed yarn from Sept. meeting

March 14: Rep Weave
Speaker: Mary Foulkes

April 11: Road Trip to Cedar Falls: See their guild shop and museum in town. Leave at 8:30 am from closed KMart East 14 St, North of I80.

May 9: One warp -- multiple projects
Speaker: Vicky Tardy

June 13: Guild Picnic 6:00 pm
[Bring a dish to share]
Mary Paul's house

Sept 12-Show & Share.
Bring what you have been working on or what you entered in the Fair.

Oct 10- Make flowers
On Weave-it looms or card board. Bring your own yarn.

Oct 27-29,30 Weaving Workshop

Oct 28-State Federation Meeting

Nov 14-Huck Weaving
 by Karen Seuferer

Dec 12-Garage Sale
Check your basement and sell us your leftovers.


Sept. 13: A project to Dye for
Bring gloves, apron. There will be a fee collected for yarn and dyes.

Oct. 11: Off-loom weaving with Beads
Speaker: Carol Wise
Fee will be collected

Oct. 15: Federation meeting
Cedar Rapids

Nov. 8: Austrian Knitting
Speaker: Cindy Griese
Bring 4 double-pointed needles, size 7 or 8, Worsted-weight yarn, light color

Dec. 13: Mini Garage Sale
Clean your closet and bring yarn, books, etc.

/no more history available/



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Other Events & Demonstrations


All November
Exhibit by Bob Sobiech & Jane Swanson
First Unitarian Church
1800 Bell Ave.
Des Moines, Ia.

Nov. 4-5 Amana Arts Guild Fall Fiber Show and Sale
1210 Gst., High Amana, Iowa


Jan. 6th[Saturday] Spin Study Group  
Pleasant Hill Library from 10am – 2pm. 
Bring a sack lunch, wheel and something to spin.  This is for all levels of spinners from beginners to advanced.  An opportunity to get some spinning in and learn something as well. The library opens at 10am so no need to arrive early.

March 18+ Spin-In Iowa Retreat
The Christian Conference Center Southeast of Newton, Iowa
Enjoy a weekend of spinning yarn, building skills and relaxing in a country setting.

April 14 Spring Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners meeting
Hosted by the Craft Guild of Iowa City at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, Building C, in Iowa City. Information can be found at www.iowaweaversandspinners.org

May 11-15 Shepherds Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival
Washington County Fairgrounds, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

June 8-10 Weave a Real Peace [WARP] Annual Meeting
Decorah, IA

June 16-17 Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival
Ames, Iowa

July 6-12 Handweavers Guild of America presents Convergence 2018
Reno, Nevada


June 16-22 Uncommon Threads
Midwest Weavers Conference at Grinnell College
Craft Guild of Iowa City is hosting


[Contact us to schedule a demonstration at your event]

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Beginning Weaving

With Garlyn Saupe
New Classes: Sign up now!
Boone, Ia
515 432 3432

With Vikki Morain
Lamoni, Ia
641 784 4747

Online Learning Resources

Handweavers Guild of America
     Programs include
.Certificate of Excellence
.Laughlin Library Collection
.past topics from the Learning Exchange     Program (Program no longer offered.),
.Teaching and Learning through Correspondence, and
.Video, Kit and Slide rentals.

.Online Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
     This web site is affiliated with the UK Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.  It has discussions, a virtual library and on line programs for members from a world wide community. 

American Tapestry Alliance
     A tapestry instruction program for intermediate tapestry weavers, and also a program called Helping Hands for beginning tapestry weavers. 

Weaving in Beauty

     An online resource for Navajo weaving.

Weaving Today

Spinning Daily


Other Online Resources

All Fiber Arts
[info on lots of fiber arts; some nice weaving drafts]


Ralph Griswald's Weavers Journal
On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics

from the University of Arizona

A community for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers

Tim's Treadle Reducer


Yarn, Fiber, & Equipment Suppliers

Cotton Clouds 800-322-7888

Fiber Art Shoppe
Albia, IA

Halcyon Yarns 800-442-7909

Hill Vintage & Knits
432 E Locust
Des Moines, IA 50316

Knitting next door 515-963-0396
704 SW 3rd St.
Ankeny, IA 50023

Pollywogs Yarn & Fiber
[good source for bulk yarn]

R&M Yarns
[good source of mill ends]

Spinners', Weavers', and Knitters'
Housecleanning Pages

[used equipment]

The Prairie Fibers Company
Ames, Iowa 50010

Yarn Junction Company
West Des Moines, IA 50265

The Rose Tree Fiber Shop 515-292-7076
Ames, IA [Going out of Business]

The Weavers Friend
[manuals for older looms]

Treenway Silks 888-383-7455

Webs 800-367-09327

Yarn Barn of Kansas 800-458-0035